Breaking News: Beleaguered Ex-Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot Arrested at Cedars Restaurant for Drunkard and Disorderly behavior.

Kenyan Report has learned that the former Thirdway Alliance Party leader, Dr. Ekuru Aukot has been arrested tonight at cedars restaurant after he became rowdy and unruly when he was told that the bar had been closed in compliance with the curfew orders. The restaurant management had to call the police to evict him before taking him to Kilimani police station where he is currently being held.

Dr. Aukot was kicked out of Thirdway Alliance Party as its leader back in September after he was found guilty of 5 offenses including financial impropriety, misconduct, and verbal assault.

“Dr. Aukot has been expelled from the party and dismissed from the office of the Thirdway Alliance party leader. The party’s National Executive Committee unequivocally confirms that our members made the decision without any malice, bias, or hatred,” said Fredrick Okango, the party’s Secretary-General.

The disciplinary committee convened on September 4 and all witnesses and complaints appeared and testified, however, Aukot did not appear nor did he send an apology,”.

We have no time for sideshows and ego contests. We have an agenda to achieve and there shall be zero tolerance to impunity from any party member regardless of their status within the party ranks and society at large,” he added.

The Registrar of political parties Anne Nderitu said that following her review of the documents submitted by the Thirdwday Alliance officials, she was satisfied with the disciplinary actions against Aukot.

Recently, Aukot was caught up in the Nairobi Gubernatorial debate when he dismissed the Thirdway Alliance presentation of Dr. Miguna Miguna as their candidate for February by-elections that have since been embroiled in a court battle.

The former presidential candidate in the 2017 general elections continues to fight unending legal battles one after another, the latest case adds to many other ongoing cases in his personal and political life.

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    Written by The Kenyan Report

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