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Chatbots, A New Technology for Your Business Today

Chatbots, A New Technology for Your Business Today

Apparently, one of the robust challenges affecting business organizations that have consistently hampered their abilities to perform effectively is balancing the demands of uniqueness and effectiveness. Often, the reason why some organizations are unable to balance the two rests in their inability to embrace technology, in a manner capable of addressing business needs today. “Chatbots” the fast revolution in technology today cannot be underestimated, as statistics from Spiceworks state that 62% of businesses in the world today are adapting to new technologies.

What is a Chatbot?

In simple terms, a chatbot is computer software that simulates human conversation through voice commands or text chats, or both. There are a number of Chatbots that we mainly interact with on daily basis. A good example is a floating icon on the bottom right or right-hand side of your screen when you visit a website. Another example is Zuri from Safaricom and Sheila from Brainverse.

Importance of a Chatbot

The primary goal of any marketing strategy is always to attract the consumers towards a given product, so as to escalate the sales volume of that product. A Chatbot has mainly shortened your life span as a company to reach your desired goals.

Below is the significance of a Chatbot

1. Cost saving

Let’s do the maths together. Imagine having to travel to and from the city center in Nairobi, just to consult on a fault on a product that you purchased. Ultimately, you have incurred transportation costs you had not planned for. What if you had an online link and you could use it to interact with your dealer in a blink of an eye? Chatbots are mainly built-in line with Artificial Intelligence and humanized which allows you to interact with your dealer via text conversations.

2. Interacts with multiple users

Unlike humans, chatbots are programmed to mainly interact with the client, and with this capability, a chatbot can multitask. This allows you to reach more clients at a time. Another significance is the user, who can also interact with different Chatbots at a time. Very few studies have explored the influence of such promotional tools I.e., Chatbots are flyers to your client’s decision to purchase your services.

3. Available 24/7

As competition is very stiff, any business willing to succeed in this turbulent environment should seek to be available 24/7. Remember in any organization, strategy is critical to the success of the organization. Implement a chatbot for your business today by visiting Brainverse Technologies’ home page. Let us help you go online.


The significance of a Chatbot in a business is justified. In computational view, a chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence software programmed in three critical stages ranging from the conceptual view, analyzing, and construction of the Chatbot.

The main significance of Artificial Intelligence is that it allows you to interact in your native languages I.e., Sheng by Sheila and Swahili by Zuri. The best part is that experts have a way of programming Bots within given parameters of queries. Thus, answering any question posed to them.

Main functions of Chatbot

1. Gives feedback to the service provider.

2. Acts as a customer’s help desk.

3. Offers the client’s view of different products offered.

4. Creates intimacy between the client and the service provider.

5. Gives you a competitive advantage, as marketing is done for you on online platforms.

Conclusively, it is of great importance to understand how a chatbot plays a critical role in the success of a company. One of the limitations of Chatbots is communicating during complex scenarios. I.e a chatbot may not understand you based on its program. Nonetheless, it is a great tool for your organizational success. Interact today with Brainverse Technologies and be part of the Top 100 businesses that are adopting new technologies in Kenya today. Click here to view a Chatbot by Brainverse Technologies.

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