Boniface Mwangi engages in bitter exchange with Governor Waiguru over Uhuru Kirinyaga sleepover remarks

Kirinyaga County governor Anne Waiguru took a swipe at human right activist Boniface Mwangi following his remarks attacking her people of Muranga over their pattern of voting in the last general elections.

It all began with Boniface Mwangi taking to twitter asking the people of Kirinyaga County of any development witnessed for the past years since electing the current leaders in office.

In what appears as an attack on governor Waiguru for their underperformance, Boniface then degenerated into her close ties with the state house, asking for a trickled down development as a result.

“The people of Kirinyaga who voted for someone because they assumed the president will becoming for sleepovers, how are you this morning? Has a single sleepover happened? Has that brought development to Kirinyaga County? I hope you vote wisely in 2022,” he tweeted.

His tweet however did not go down so well with Governor Waiguru, who reverted back in a quick rejoinder noting that her leadership had initiated several development initiatives in the County.

The former devolution cabinet Secretary went a head to name a few examples of the projects initiated by her administration including Kirinyaga maternity, Baricho Male ward, creation of 11 new markets among others.

“I usually don’t respond to non sensical posts. @bonifacemwangi don’t try to use me to get your next tranche of funding! DO NOT insult the people of Kirinyaga. They voted for development that they can now see. So WACHA USHENZI Respect us and our families!” she tweeted.

Boniface Mwangi then responded back to the governor claiming that she was a thief. “Anne Waiguru I will call you a thief for free, today and everyday.”

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    Written by Fred Orido

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