Bombshell! Chebukati and his team finally say it openly: Elections may be postponed

Although some stakeholders had alluded to it albeit controversially in the past, neither IEBC nor the commissioners had yet to come out and make an outright declaration. However, speaking yesterday, through a zoom meeting, to the Justice and Legal Affairs committee of the Senate, Mr. Wafula Chebukati and Acting Chief Executive Officer Marjan Hussein Marjan finally tackled the issue squarely, putting it to rest once and for all.

A question had been put to the Chairman by a member of the panel of the Justice and Legal Affairs committee concerning the commission’s plan in relation to the possible eventuality of the BBI, and the impending case in the Court of Appeal. The Chairman had been asked how they were mapping out their plan, considering that the BBI case was in the courts and could go either way, and in the process, tamper with their plans that they will have laid down.

Chebukati said that they are an independent body that was carrying out its plans and policies distinctly, and independent of other bodies. To that end, he said that they were carrying out their plans as stipulated by their program, and not basing it on any other external influences.

Also, on the same issue, Marjan Hussein came out to state unequivocally that there would be absolutely no time to carry out the procedures and processes entailed in the BBI, even if the Court of Appeal were to okay it. Singling out the issue of 70 new constituencies,

Mr.Marjan declared that there is no way they will be able to demarcate and delimitate all 70 units in the required timeline unless there is an extension.

The constitution stipulates that any boundary demarcations be conducted at least 12 months before a forthcoming general election.

Nevertheless, the Chairman disclosed that all the same, there did exist a demarcation plan for new boundaries and constituencies. However, these units have nothing to do with BBI, and in fact, are projected to take place in 2024, two years after the next general elections.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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