Blow-by-blow account of the Jogoo Road murders of a woman, her son and alleged boyfriend

The country has been gripped by shock and horror since Tuesday, when police discovered three lifeless bodies of occupants of a government house along Jogoo Road.

In the last 48 hours, as more disturbing details have kept streaming in, the whole case has kept getting more and more chilling.

It has since emerged that the bodies were at different decomposing stages, with those of the mother and child being in a different, and worse condition, than that of the man, suggesting that they died on different dates. If it was the man who killed them, as has been suspected by some, then the fact that he may have executed them much earlier, and had been staying with the bodies in the house, is simply just frightening.

The area’s shopkeeper, Joseph Otieno, shared a detailed account of events leading up to the murders, and even discovery of the bodies.

Mr. Otieno says that when he met the three, the child, who has since been identified as Alan, and the man, were wearing matching tops, while the lady, who has been identified as Charity Cheboi, was wearing something different. The matching tops were reddish, and so Mr. Otieno jokingly asked whether theirs was a belated Valentine’s, to which the man laughed off and said he was simply just taking them out.

Otieno says Monday morning was the first time they sensed something unusual. Alan’s school bus which always picked him came and waited for him but he didn’t get out, so it just picked a neighbouring kid who also went to the same school.

It was after this that the school administration raised alarm and reached out to Alan’s father who later came to the house, and after getting no answer, broke in.

Otieno says the bodies of the mother and child were spread over the house, which itself was disorderly and suggested a struggle.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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