Blow by blow account of Hafsa’s kidnap, hostage-days and rescue, amid claims ransom was paid

Hafsa’s kidnap is concluding just as dramatically as it began, with a close family associate, Fariya Mohamed, now coming out to put in doubt the initial police report that they had rescued the kidnap victim in a sting operation. She hinted at behind-the-scenes negotiations that resulted in the young lady being released.


From start to finish, the events surrounding the traumatic kidnap of Hafsa unfolded thick and fast in a jam-packed string of incidents that resembled a scene from an action thriller.


It begins with the CCTV footage that shows the poor 23 year old Kamukunji based businesswoman walking innocently together with her namesake also called Hafsa, who she believed was a friend. The other Hasfa can be seen appearing to exchange what looks like coded messages with a man seating by a corridor. It remains unclear what the motive of the possible communication might have been.


After this, Hafsa is said to have told her friend to perform evening prayers with her but her friend refused saying that her prayer schedule nowadays isn’t as clear as it was before. As Hafsa was praying, two criminals stormed in, shoved sawdust in her mouth to stop her from screaming, and hit her so bad that she lost consciousness.


When she woke up, she found herself in a dark dingy house that would later turn out to be the kidnappers hideout in Matopeni in Kayole.

From here, the criminals began contacting the family, demanding a 5 million ransom. It is within this period that they sent the video which has since gone viral, forcing Hafsa to plead with her family. The family requested for time, but they turned down the request. They instead demanded that the family take a photo of the money once they got it and send the photo.

In the meantime, they began siphoning money from Hafsa’s bank account after forcing her to reveal her PIN
The police later advised the family to shut down the account. They did this despite demands from the kidnappers to unlock it.


It is at this point that police allege to have rescued her in Matopeni in Kayole, but Fariya Mohamed mentioned that money was paid. She didn’t specify to who the money was paid, but simply said that anybody would do the same if they have a kin held hostage.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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