Blood-chilling reasons why some areas are popular with murderers for dumping bodies


Are you still planning on buying that cheap plot located on the outskirts of town? Well, think again.

Just this past week, following the discovery of the body of one of the missing Kitengela 4, a few meters from where Elijah Obuong’s body was found, another body that wasn’t even connected to the four was also found. Initially the body was assumed to be that of Jack Ochieng. However, it was later discovered he was just another person, seemingly another murder victim. Actually, a DJ; DJ Mike. This was in Mukungai River along Murang’a-Kangema road.


Following the recent spate of murders which end up with most of the victims being dumped in particular areas, a common pattern is now emerging, and it is a pattern that might send shivers down the spines of some residents.


Most of such areas are those which have the certain and unmistakable combination of being sparsely populated, and close to a major road.
Another hotspot is Longonot in Naivasha. There have been increased cases of dumping of bodies in the area located off the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road.

Residents there have noted that they were recording at least three cases every month with the victims murdered elsewhere and the bodies ferried to the sparsely populated area.


This came as another victim was dumped in Governors Camp, a few kilometers from Mai Mahiu IDP camp.
This brought to six the number of persons who have been dumped in the area in the last two months.
According to a resident, John Kubai, the body was dumped at the scene on the wee hours when it was raining before the car sped off.


Such areas are ideal for murderers because they can dump the body and speed off on the highway easily. Also the geographical conditions ensure that the body will decay quickly or get damaged by wild animals, hence make it hard for forensic experts to piece together information that may lead back to them.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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