BBI rallies to begin next week

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Secretariat co-chairs Junet Mohamed and Dennis Waweru have made announcement over the next move for the BBI team barely hours after it was overwhelmingly passed by the Members of the County Assembly.

While speaking at the Secretariat offices on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 the two leaders stated that they will start the public popularisation rallies for the BBI bill as from next week.

“Referendum is just like an election, we have to go out there and campaign, and we’re prepared. In two or three weeks time when Parliament passes the bill, we expect the IEBC to give us a date for the referendum,” Junet said.

In a joint statement, the BBI Secretariat thanked all MCAs who overwhelmingly voted for the constitutional amendment bill.

“The BBI was born of an effort to promote inclusivity and advance patriotism, whilst building a united Kenya. We are delighted that the BBI Bill has been embraced across every region of this country. The ringing endorsement of the BBI witnessed across the counties is an indication that the people of Kenya have spoken emphatically and in one voice,” a joint statement from the duo read.

“Devolution is the hallmark of the 2010 Constitution and the BBI seeks to strengthen it by allocating more resources to the counties to transform the lives of Kenyans. The BBI also strengthens the oversight mandate of the Senate and the County Assemblies, as the main custodians of devolution.

“As the BBI Bill moves to Parliament for deliberation, we urge our colleagues in the Senate and National Assembly to ignore propaganda and emulate the MCAs in amplifying the voice of the people.” The statement further read.

This comes after the BBI Bill had been passed by 41 county assemblies, thereby surpassing the 24 mark required in law.

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