Barack Obama in mourning yet again weeks after losing grandma Sarah

Former Us President Barack Obama and the larger Obama family are yet again in mourning days after losing the Obama matriarch, Sarah.

This is after the death of his stepmother Kezia Obama in England after a long illness.

The news of her passing on was made public by one of her Dubai-based grandsons.

Kezia Obama was the first wife of Barack Hussein Obama Senior and mother to Rita Auma Obama and Malik Obama.

Kezia 81, received English citizenship in 2011 and has ever since been residing in Berkshire, England.

She was an ardent supporter of the former head of state and was ever speaking about his achievements.

Most notable was his defense to Baba Malia after facing criticism on winning the Nobel peace prize a year after ascending to power.

“Yes, Barack still has much more to do, but he’s doing his best to set the ball rolling. He’s setting his stall out and attempting things that others haven’t dared to try. It seems unfair to criticize him. He hasn’t awarded the prize to himself,” she previously stated.

The bad news comes barely two weeks after the death of Mama Sarah Obama after a long and unsuccessful battle with diabetes, stroke, and old age at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital.

“She was diagnosed with stroke in September last year and had blood sugar-related problems,” Mama Sarah Obama’s daughter Marsat Obama stated.

During her death Barrack hailed the grandma for filling the void in his heart by bridging the long left gap in his past.

“When I first traveled to Kenya to learn more about my heritage and father, who had passed away by then, it was Granny who served as a bridge to the past, and it was her stories that helped fill a void in my heart.

“We will miss her dearly, but celebrate with gratitude her long and remarkable life,” Obama stated.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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