Bahati is my role model, declares the most raw entertainer in the country

Popular gospel singer Bahati has been constantly surrounded by controversy for a while now. Most of the news which emerges about him is either scandalous or click bait. Nothing serious about him is ever said nowadays.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Bahati got a mention from the most unlikely of people, something that left everyone wondering if this was really legit or whether he was simply just making fun of Bahati. 

Years ago when Bahati was just starting out and was popularly referred to as mtoto wa mama, it wasn’t a rare thing to hear him mentioned as a role model by respectable and distinguished people in the society. However, things have changed and his moniker has even been corrupted to mtoto wa Diana. 

Because of all these, it was totally unexpected when entertainer, stuntman and top Kisii singer Embarambamba mentioned Bahati as his role model. During an appearance on ntv’s top show, The Trend, the show’s host asked him who his role models were. 

Embarambamba went on to say that within Kisii, the person he looked up to was Douglas Ondiso, and in the entire East Africa region his idol is controversial Tanzanian gospel singer, Rose Muhando. However, as for Kenya, he hailed Bahati as his role model.   

When Bahati first burst on to the local gospel music industry about a decade ago after a collabo with Mr. Seed, he inspired many with his touching and heartfelt story about growing in the tough world of children’s homes, with no father or mother to take care of him.

He went on to pen emotional songs to his since departed mother in her memory, something that earned him tonnes of fans. However, soon afterwards, reports of a child before marriage, and of a spat with fellow gospel singers began surfacing and put a damp of the squeaky clean image of the youngster.

Since then, he has gone on to make songs with hardcore secular singers, and even temporarily quit the gospel industry altogether. 

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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