Badi demolishes Uhuru associate’s property in Lavington, and his camp threatens to make NMS pay

The weekend has been full of jokes about how differently the Lavington residents responded to their property being demolished, as opposed to the usual reactions we are used to from ghetto dwellers.

However, as the jokes die out, the menacing words of the Lavington residents are beginning to take on a more serious and dire tone as more and more details about the owner of the property keep coming out.
The proprietor, Mr. Desterio Oyatsi, isn’t just your normal city dweller. He is a lawyer, and not just any lawyer but a lawyer of no mean repute.

He is an accomplished Nairobi-based lawyer, an Advocate of the High Court and Managing Partner of Shapley, Barret & Company Advocates, a leading law firm in Kenya. He sits on several boards and his portfolio involves stints in various other organizations including Telkom Kenya and the Capital Markets Authority.

He is also said to be the director of a bank in which the first family has interests, which thus makes him their direct employee.

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services demolished the perimeter wall of the residence claiming that the property was constructed on a road reserve and accused the developer of illegally grabbing the public land.

However, the residents of the property rejected such claims, insinuating that not only would they be heading to court, but that they would do so with an intention of seeing the body pay up in compensation.

“We do not have an objection from Hatheru Road Association and we do not have an objection from the residents so this is like a dead end…The area that NMS was to deal with in the right manner was eight meters but they ended up taking another 90 to 100 meters. Why were they going into private property? This is impunity and destruction of property,” stated one of the residents.

“We are law-abiding citizens and we will seek redress in the justice system and hope that we can get restitution, compensation and have this matter settled properly,” added another.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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