Babe On Wheels, Mina Reeve!

Mina Reeve on her Yamaha R25

Superbikes and superbike clubs have been around for a while now and have also played a humongous part in the creation of motorcycling culture in Kenya.

We have more and more women coming out in good numbers and I just met one hottie, Mina Reeve is her name chic is HOT! Mina started hanging out with bikers and before she knew it the bug had a bite on her and she fell in love with the machines and FOUR months now, she is riding real hard yo!

Now, Mina will be taking part in the upcoming East Africa Superbike Championship that will be held this weekend at the Whistling Moran Track in Athi River. Mina Reeve will be going out in the 300cc category and she will be giving the boys a run for their money on her Yamaha R250. She has the smallest bike in this category, but really, on the track is all about your technical know how! SHE IS GAME YO!

Displacement 249 cc
Maximum Power 35.5 BHP @ 12000 pm
Maximum Torque 22.1 NM @ 10000 pm
Fuel Tank Capacity 14.30 liters
Top Speed 173 kmph
Engine Description Liquid-cooled, four-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve

Is Mina Reeve single? SADLY NOPE!


First Edition of the NATIONAL SUPERBIKE CIRCUIT RACING CHAMPIONSHIP. This is the first time ever that SuperBike competition in Kenya has attained this Magnitude and will be proudly hosted by The Superbike Association.

Alongside and simultaneous to the National Championship, the Classic Clubman Race will hold, the East Africa SuperBike Championship.


There is a an all females biking clubbing which Mina is yet to join probably because she just started out but its incredibly important because at times women are more wary to ride in a co-ed group for various reasons: it can be because they are shy, timid, not confident, etc. So, it’s good to have these all women’s groups to empower women to not only ride but to ride frequently. It’s also a way to make new female riders, who already feel uncomfortable starting out on a two-wheeled vehicle, to feel comfortable in their discomfort. All these biking groups will be at the race Track, be sure to catch them and possibly learn a few tricks about biking ask questions take pics and have a good time on the track.

It’s a good gig to be a part of.

Mina Reeve

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    Written by Albert

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