Azziad turns down Man U promotional offer in unbelievable show of loyalty to Arsenal

Influencer and TikTok star Azziad Nasenya turned down a wonderful offer from a Manchester United promoter so savagely that she not only proved her undying loyalty to the Gunners, but also got netizens gossiping that perhaps a mega deal involving millions is probably on the way from Northern London, and what she pulled was probably a publicity stunt in preparation for the main deal.

A self-confessed Arsenal fan, Azziad Nasenya replied to CeeKay Star Sports who were offering her a Manchester United jersey.
Their tweet read,

Conrad Stockmann Keya @AzziadNasenya We at #CeekayStarSports are offering you a free @ManUtd Jersey if you relinguish Arsenal support. You deserve betterSlightly smiling faceYou deserve Happiness.Check our catalogue via ………@LeonLidigu @mulamwah

However, Azziad’s brutal reply came swiftly, and it was punishing as well as unforgiving. She proclaimed her love for Arsenal, and offered to take the Man U jerseys but only as a rag since her rag was worn out.

Rolling on the floor laughing Arsenal damu. You can still send the free Man U jersey. Duster yangu imeisha…

Just recently, Hopper HQ, an Instagram planning and marketing tool, released their 2021 rich list, and it featured some of the obvious names that one would expect such as Sports superstars, musicians and singers too.

Top of the list in Africa is Egyptian and Liverpool football star Mohammed Salah, who according to the list charges US Dollars 231,000 per post, which is about Ksh. 25 Million.

Making a surprise appearance in the list is 2020 breakout TikTok star Azziad Nasenya who was ranked at position 28 in Africa, charging US Dollars 5,000 per post.

Going by these figures, it would mean that Azziad is not only the highest paid influencer in the country but also among those earning top dollar in the region.

5000 dollars which translates to a half a million shillings would probably dwarf, not just salaries of majority of Kenyans but perhaps even her own salary as Sound City Radio.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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