Azziad sends fans in soul-searching mood after teary heartbreaking plea

For some strange reason, the lovely and gentle Azziad Nasenya who has a cheerful smile that could melt ice, and a polite personality to go along with it, has always attracted the most cruel, insensitive and hurtful comments. Although she has an adorable group of loving fans, she also has a gang of haters which transcends age. From teenagers to grown mature men and women, the gang has subjected the soft girl to unimaginable tormenting comments. However, it seems that finally, the TikTok star might have just been able to get through to their hardened hearts.


Azziad, who also doubles up as an actress on the popular show Selina, and as a presenter on Sound City Africa, posted a very touching and heartfelt retweet from a Twitter user going by the name Reyhab, @Potentash.

She captioned it with a simple message, “It doesn’t hurt to be nice” followed by a smiley emoji. The tweet read,

People should just learn to be nice. It doesn’t hurt to be kind to the next person. Before you type hurtful things targeting someone you don’t even know, stop and think for a second how it would feel if it was you on the receiving end.


Just last year, a TikTok video of Azziad Nasenya hit the streets of social media and almost everyone in the country fell in love with her beautiful smile. The young, beautiful, bubbly creator with the most natural and infectious smile has never looked back since then.

She danced to the beat of “Utawezana” by Femi one and Mejja. It didn’t take long for the video to be shared across all platforms, making Azziad an instant sensation. With over a million followers on TikTok and more than 10 million likes, it appears like she’s now knocking on the doors of the major leagues as she chases her dream of making it to Hollywood one day soon.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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