Autopsy Report Reveals the Cause of Shantel’s Death

Government pathologist Johanson Odour has revealed what caused the untimely death of 8 year old girl Shantel Nzembi after conducting the autopsy on Friday at Shalom Community Hospital.

A postmortem conducted on the body of the deseased revealed she died from suffocation by blockage of the nose and mouth, however, there were claims the girl might have been defiled.

“For defilement claims, we have not established but we have taken some samples for analysis,” Government pathologist said.

Police have brought two more suspects in connection to Shantel’s kidnapping and murder increasing the number of those arrested so far to four.

Reports by Isinya subcounty police commander Jeremiah Ndubai revealed that one of the women recently arrested was positively identified at a parade by Shantel’s friends as the main suspect in the murder of girl.

“We laid strategies to search for Shantel Nzembi who had been reported missing. We got information that there were people who were calling her mother demanding a ransom to release her. While focusing on her rescue, we later got information that the body was discovered somewhere, ” Ndubai stated.

“We first arrested a suspect who was using the phone that was used to demand the ransom. From there, our relationship with the public helped us arrest the suspect who we committed to an identification parade and was positively identified by Shantel’s friends as the one who took her, she is the prime suspect in the murder,” he added

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    Written by Emily Odeny




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