Atwoli’s Statement That Has Returned To Haunt Him Days After DP Ruto’s Security Downgraded

Central Organization Of trade Union (COTU) secretary general Francis Atwoli’s past statement about the Deputy President William Ruto has come back to haunt him days after the DP’s security detail was abruptly downgraded.

This is after the seasoned trade unionist earlier in 2019 made a remark stating that Deputy President William Ruto will not make it to the ballot in the 2022 General Election, a thing many Kenyans have now come back to revisit, noting it puts his life in jeopardy.

Top in the list among the Kenyan leaders who have condemned the move is the DP’s chief supporter cum Bahati Member of parliament Kimani Ngunjiri who has since connected the latest development to Atwoli’s remarks.

Speaking yesterday, Ngunjiri claimed that the removal of the DP’s security detail was a part of a wide scheme the COTU SG once spoke about, while saying he would not make it to the ballot in 2022.

The Bahati lawmaker now says he believes Atwoli had a hand in the DP’s security withdrawal, adding the he should be held accountable should anything happen to Dr. Ruto owing to his earlier remarks.

“These are not new things to us because we are following a statement from Atwoli. Atwoli is getting closer to achieving his goal that the Deputy President won’t make it to the ballot. So Atwoli has progressed and the withdrawal of the police is part of the plan for hism to achieve his agenda. Atwoli must answer this, either today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” Nginjiri stated.

The trade unionist in April 2019, stated that, ” William Ruto’s name will not be on the ballot paper come 2022; you can take that to the bank!”

Atwoli however came back to set the record straight noting that he did not wish death od DP Ruto through his statement, after a number of Ruto’s allies attacked him after interpreting the statement to mean harm on Ruto.

“While I was in Lamu, I did not say that Ruto will die, no, but I said the referendum is coming and that there will be six slots, mark my words, Kalonzo Musyoka will be among the six but Ruto’s name will not be there” he said.

To distance himself from his earlier remarks, Atwoli took offence with the Government for the move, noting that it ought to have been carried out with the prior knowledge of the Dr. Ruto.

“When it comes to the security of any Kenyan, we can’t compromise. And I equally don’t support what the government did, and if they were to change that security, they would have done it with the knowledge of our DP. We don’t want lame excuses being placed on the government because of the security when there are big issues facing this country.”

“What they normally should do, is come and discuss with you (beforehand),” he stated, while addressing the media at COTU headquarters.

Following the move, the DP through his Chief of Staff Ken Osinde wrote to Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai, demanding official explanation and immediate reinstatement of the GSU officers who ere formerly guarding him.

“The Office of the Deputy President has formally written to the Inspector General of Police seeking an official explanation on this matter and reasons for the breach of security,” read part of the statement.

On the same front, a report by Citizen TV indicated that a total of 77 GSU officers were withdrawn from the DP’s residences and replaced with 26 security officers from the Administration Police service.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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