Atwoli’s son opens up on overcoming trauma as colleague defends parents

In the tense discussion which involved COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli’s son and National Aids Control Council Chair Angeline Siparo among others, the son of the veteran trade unionist opened up on trauma while Angeline Siparo was unequivocal that trauma shouldn’t be blamed on parents.

Professor Lukoye Atwoli, who is the Dean at Aga Khan University Medical College, is also son to Francis Atwoli. While making an appearance on Citizen TV’s Newsnight which was hosted by the station’s presenter Waihiga Mwaura, the psychiatrist gave his opinion on the entire issue of trauma and how it affects families.

Doctor Lukoye said that some people go through potentially traumatic events and navigate it to come up with a different view that is more adaptive and allows them to function better. Others are negatively affected hence develop trauma related problems.

His co-panelist Angeline Siparo, who is also the chair of the National Aids Control Council on the other hand, opined that while those undergoing trauma should not blame it on their parents since it isn’t their responsibility, it however remains the responsibility of parents to heal their own traumas so as not to pass it on to their children.

She said, ”trauma is not our fault as parents but healing is our responsibility so that we don’t pass the traumas to our children. The key ingredient is providing mental health services”.

COTU Secretary-General Francis Atwoli is known to have quite a close relationship with his son Professor Lukoye Atwoli. Last year, the senior Atwoli heaped praises on his son Prof Lukoye Atwoli who was appointed the Dean of Aga Khan University’s Medical College (EA).
Through a tweet, Atwoli said his son had made the family proud and wished him God’s blessings in his new assignment.

“Congratulations my son, Prof Lukoye Atwoli, on your appointment as Dean of Medical college at The Aga Khan University (EA).

“As a family we are very proud of you. May the Almighty God continue guiding you, growing you in knowledge & wisdom and protect you,” he tweeted.

Prof Atwoli is an expert in psychiatry with extensive leadership, teaching and academic research experience.

He leads and participates in mental health research locally and globally and is a member of the WHO World Mental Health Surveys Consortium, which is the leading collaborative project in psychiatric epidemiology globally.

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