Atheists in Kenya Society begs Churchill to invite them on his show.

As Kenyans continue gushing over the new drop-dead beauty, Emma Shisoka, who replaced Seth Mahinga as the new AIK secretary, her feminine effect is already starting to be felt.

The Atheists in Kenya Society, led by its abrasive and hard-hitting president Harrison Mumia, is known as an unapologetic squad that doesn’t pander to anyone’s whims or beg anyone for anything. They are known to go hard, and usually don’t suffer fools easily. They say it as they consider it is, and aren’t afraid of hurting someone’s feelings as pastor T can confess to after he ran into the society’s president on the set of ntv’s the Wicked Show which was hosted by Doctor King’ori.

Nevertheless, recently the group shocked many after they acted out of character by throwing their pride to the wind and pleading with leading comedian Churchill to invite one of them to his show.

All this began after Churchill posted a photo of tictok star, dancer, online sensation, actress and now radio presenter, Azziad Nasenya. He captioned it to the effect that he was going to be hosting the young star on his weekly show.

As Kenyans poured into the comments section to express their views over what they thought, or expected of the interview, the Atheists in Kenya Society also contributed through their official Twitter page. They wondered why Churchill never invited any of them onto the show, and asked when he would be doing so.

This was not only strange but unexpected too. Churchill ignored the question, not bothering to answer them, which made it all the more awkward.

While Churchill isn’t overly religious, or a zealot, it is widely known that he is spiritual, and often attributes the successes of life to the favour of God.

Incidentally, during the show itself, Azziad Nasenya’s talk was loaded with undertones of religion, insinuating that while she indeed is a hard worker, she had gotten to where she has due to God’s favour.

The Atheists in Kenya Society has recently been in the headlines following the shock departure of their secretary, Seth Mahinga, who resigned after what was termed as him finding Jesus.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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