Atheists hold a meeting themed “How to kill God”

Through out its existence so far, the Atheists In Kenya society has pushed the limits, and made some not only controversial statements, but also statements that have simply been deemed outrageous.

However, this time round, it might very well be the case that Harrison Mumia, and his group of self-confessed non-believers, have just gone too far. The society held a meeting under the banner Atheists Late Night, (ALT) just twenty-four hours ago.

The meeting which was held from 10:00 PM via zoom, and required one to get a link from their WhatsApp group, went by the controversial phrase, HOW TO KILL GOD.

Although little is known about the controversial meeting, as the group has kept a tight lid on whatever was discussed, and hasn’t posted anything concerning it on their online handles, this continues to add on to the drama that has been piling up on the shadowy outfit.
Just recently, the outfit announced that its Secretary, Seth Mahinga, had left the organisation. In what sounded like a sarcastic statement, Harrison Mumia wished him well in his newfound relationship with Jesus Christ, as he announced his departure.

Mr. Mahinga himself recently opened up about his early childhood in a revelation of himself to the world.
Raised a Christian in the Jehovah’s Witness church in his Kaimosi home in Vihiga County, Mahiga travelled the world for studies and realised, to his amazement, the popularity of atheism.

In countries like Belgium, he began to note that morality was not necessarily based on religion or spirituality.

“I was in Belgium, Norway, Holland and Switzerland where people are not religious, but disciplined and straight-forward. My friends used to question why my country is one of the most religious in Africa, but there’s so much crime, corruption, disorganisation and uncleanliness,” he recalls.

It was then, nearly a decade ago, that his religious skepticism set in. The medical laboratory technician, who now practises investigative journalism, started researching atheism and other aspects of religion.
And when the society of atheists in Kenya declared a vacancy for the position of secretary-general, he threw his hat in the ring, faced a panel of about 10 and convinced them that he would transform the organisation with his wide world view.

And by the admission of his president, Mahiga did such a splendid job of mobilising the 5,000 registered members to fellowship together, and taking minutes of their meetings, which would happen weekly in-person, with others attending virtually.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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