Are Trump supporters behind Sanders and Buttigieg Surge ? How their nomination will be Democrats early Christmas gift to Trump.

By Deshawn Weatherspoon

The sudden surge of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Former mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigieg has caught many by surprise. Coming in the wake of the Controversial Iowa Caucus, new  CNN polls show Bernie leading the democratic pack in New Hampshire with 28% ,while Mayor Pete Buttigieg coming in second at 21%,Joe Biden is coming in at a distant third with 11%.

While this is good news for the Sanders and Buttigieg campaigns, this should be a major wake up call for democrats.

Winning a presidential election and more so, beating Trump will be a major problem if Bernie  Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are democratic nominees. Bernie Sanders Socialist ideas may not be any close to those of Cuba or Venezuela; but most American are afraid of the word socialist regardless who says it. On this, Bernie sanders will have a hard time convincing moderates and independents in the general elections. Trump will celebrate the nomination of Senator Bernie Sanders as the democratic candidate.

Pete Buttigieg is smart, intelligent, eloquent and has some great proposals. But no one is addressing the elephant in the room. The unapologetic Trump and his conservative base will come out in droves to ensure Pete Buttigieg is not the president. That’s the moment Trump will have a highest  percentage of minority votes, especially the black vote. There are people within the democratic party who may not vote for Pete Buttigieg as president if he is nominated. But obviously, many are scared of the backlash of openly stating the obvious.

 America has overcome many challenges including the election of the first black president, however, electing the first openly gay president will be another milestone that Pete Buttigieg will have to overcome. Whether Americans are ready to break  another barrier in the history of this nation remains to be seen. One thing democrats will have to deal with is the onslaught the republicans will have against Pete Buttigieg as the democratic candidate. There is a creed of unapologetic conservatives that say things in ways that democrats will never do, they  apologize and pretend they didn’t mean what they said life goes on. At that point, their message will have been delivered.

Truth of the matter is, Joe Biden is the best candidate and Trumps worst nightmare. There could be a possibility of Republicans voting in democratic primaries to ensure Vice President Joe Biden loses. Trump and Republicans are afraid of Joe Biden because of his wide appeal whose support spans across most competitive states.

Senator Sanders and Mayor Buttigieg will be a sure bet for Trumps Second term. If there is time for democrats to wake up, that time is now.

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