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Anyang’ Nyong’o Breaks Silence on Claims that His Daughter Lupita is HIV positive

Kisumu County Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o has cleared the air on the claim that has been doing round social media platforms that his award-winning daughter Lupita Nyong’o is HIV positive.

The lawmaker rubbished the allegations by Houston Chronicles that his Oscar award-winning daughter is HIV positive confirming that these are just fake news to tarnish his daughter’s image.

In the recent past, a source confirmed that the Kisumu Governor’s daughter is HIV positive, but the Kisumu county boss has denied the allegations stating that those were just rumors.

The lawmaker further stated that the fake news brought problems to his family adding that news spread faster like a bush fire on social media platforms.

The county boss also noted that he decided to come out and clear the air about the matter, expressing his how displeasure on how people spread fake news.

Speaking during an interview at a local daily, Nyong’o also expressed his discomfort following the rumor that his beloved daughter had contracted HIV.

“It is all nonsense!” the governor Nyong’o stated.

The allegations had been published by Houston Chronicle, under ‘Enough is Enough’ article clearly stating that the Kisumu governor’s daughter was living with the killer disease.

The article further called the governor’s sassy daughter had contracted HIV at the age of 23, and she decided to come out to reveal her status after realizing that a lot of youths fear being tested.

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