Another top politician and OKA member now mentioned in Pandora Papers after Uhuru

Barely months since the president and his family were mentioned in a damning financial exposé by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICIJ and accused of stashing wealth in foreign tax havens, another Kenyan politician has now also been mentioned in the expansive dossier.

In an article titled “United Arab Emirates a go-to offshore haven for Africa’s political and business elite, leaked records show” by Will Fitzgibbon who’s affiliated to the ICIJ, in one of the Pandora Papers he writes extensively on the ungodly connections between African leaders and gulf tax havens. In his article, he adversely mentions Butere Member of parliament and Amani National Congress party member Tindi Mwale.

Fitzgibbon writes,
Politicians worldwide, including many from Africa, have beaten a path to the UAE, according to the Pandora Papers and other media investigations.
In 2018, a newly elected member of Kenya’s Parliament, Tindi Mwale, emailed SFM in Dubai, paying $2,641 to set up a company called Sahel & Scott Holdings Ltd and a bank account in the island nation of Mauritius.
Mwale, who launched a real estate, engineering, consulting and construction conglomerate before entering politics in 2017, told SFM that he planned to build roads, bridges, sewerage systems and oil pipelines. He signed emails with his government title, including a reference to the western Kenyan region he represents in Parliament: “Hon. Tindi Mwale, M.P. Butere Constituency.”
Kenyan officials must declare to authorities their assets and wealth. In a brief telephone interview, Mwale denied owning an offshore company.
“I’ve never chosen any company outside of Kenya,” Mwale told an ICIJ reporter in a telephone interview over WhatsApp before blocking the reporter’s phone number. “I’m even surprised that you are pushing things that are lies.”
In the wide-ranging article, Will Fitzgibbon also roped in the son of the Comoros president in the Gulf-based offshore havens. He wrote,
In 2018, the son of the president of the island nation of Comoros was back home in the capital city of Moroni and looking to make a buck.
Nour El Fath Azali, a former bank auditor and American business school graduate, set up a shell company in the United Arab Emirates, according to records from the Pandora Papers investigation. The company, Olifants Ltd., offered consultancy and other advisory services.
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