Another Baby Pendo? Police shoot and kill a 3-year-old girl at their balcony in Kahawa Wendani

Baby Agel

A 3-year old baby Agel has been shot dead by a careless Police Officer who was trying to disperse a rowdy crowd which was baying for the blood of 3 suspected armed robbers in Kahawa Wendani. According to eyewitnesses, the baby was on the third-floor balcony of their residence, together with her mother when the stray bullet hit her on the chest, killing her instantly.

In February this year, 5 GSU officers were found culpable for the death of baby Samantha Pendo, a six month old baby who was shot and killed by the officers in 2017 at their residence in Nyalenda. Kisumu Resident Magistrate Beryl Omollo found senior police officers including former Kisumu County commander culpable of the killing.

Samantha Pendo’s parents spoke during the launch of the BBI report at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi.

Baby Agel’s mother after the shooting incident

The infant was beaten by baton-wielding policemen, who had laid siege on her parents’ house, during the post-election violence after the Supreme Court annulled President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election in 2017.

Pendo’s mother Lexa Achieng recounted the loss of her baby due to divisive elections, and called upon politicians to preach peace even during campaigns.

“A flower was uprooted from my garden and it can never be replaced. I can be given another person but it can never be Pendo. I want to ask politicians please be mindful of what you say when you come to us,” an emotional Achieng said.

She said Kenyans should be allowed to read the report and make a decision.

Pendo’s father, Joseph Abanja, applauded the handshake, saying since then the country has been peaceful.

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