Anne Waiguru’s cryptic message to politicians hours after Mt Kenya Counties passed the BBI bill

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Mumbi Wiguru today took a swipe at the Building Bridges Initiative critics from the Mt Kenya region and across the country putting them on alert about the area.

Reiterating the words of re-known political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi earlier the county chief notified the leaders who thought the Mt. Kenya region would go against what they want as a people.

Taking to her official Twitter handle Waiguru was grateful to the Kirinyaga County Assembly for putting the needs of their people first as they pass the BBI bill.

“A hearty congratulations to the Members of Kirinyaga County Assembly for passing the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020- BBI. Kirinyaga tumetia sahihi! We stand counted at this moment for putting our people’s needs ahead of politics” Wrote Waiguru.

She added that no one could have done it better than the ward representatives who understand the problems of the region and what the people want.

“I’d like to congratulate Kirinyaga County assembly for passing the BBI Bill unanimously. We knew it was coming to benefit the people of Mt Kenya region and specifically Kirinyaga County. No one who knows the problems facing Kirinyaga could have opposed that Bill.

The former devolution CS also took a shot at those who took a tour of the region to de campaign the document that time was nigh for the bill.

Waiguru added that the people from the region know what they want, and can never at any time be bought off or influenced by social media.

“A lot of the noise that happens out there and sometimes the thinking that we can be influenced by social media [has been proven wrong]. People have seen today that Mt Kenya has voted as a block. I said it before, I will say it again, you can rent a Kikuyu but you cannot buy a Kikuyu, they will still vote for their own people, they know what is good for the region,” she stated.

Her words come on a day a record six Counties from the Mt Kenya region voted to pass the BBI bill, with her Kirinyaga County among them.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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