Angry Raila blasts President Uhuru’s regime over cat and mouse games with Kenyan medics

ODM leader Raila Odinga has condemned President Uhuru’s government for taking the country’s medical practitioners in circles despite signing a Return to Work formula after going on strike. In a statement sent to newsrooms on Wednesday, Odinga said it was shocking to see the country’s medical workers threatening to down their tools, just a week after coming into a Return to Work agreement with the government.

”It is therefore shocking that hardly a week later, clinical officers are threatening to down their tools again because of the very same issues covered in the Return to Work formula signed last week are not being implemented,” Odinga’s statement read in part. Here is the full statement by Raila Odinga :

On Monday, Clinical Officers threatened to resume their strike should their return to work formula remain unsigned in full in the next 48 hours. Through their union, SG George Gibore has accused the council of governors of being unrealistic by saying that the return to work formula is signed at individual counties, even though acknowledges the ongoing conciliation at the Ministry of Labour.

The clinicians had called off their strike on Friday last week.

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