Anger after KWS dismiss roaming hyenas in Nyandarua as just big hairy stray dogs

The drama that unfolded in Githunguchu, Baari and Ziwani villages within Nyandarua did little to hide the fear and terror that local residents are now forced to live in as they reconcile themselves to the dreary fate that they are now resigned to.

When the locals first saw the Kenya Wildlife Services personnel land in the area commando-style donning their trademark jungle-print uniform, and dragging along their impressive gear and equipment, they thought that the menace visited upon them by wild animals was over. However, with just one look, the KWS officers concluded that hyenas were hairy dogs suffering from skin discoloration, and could be easily tamed and domesticated through goodies such as milk and meat.

Their protestations towards the KWS assertion fell on deaf ears as the game rangers announced that they were through, and had to go elsewhere; that they had been deployed to reign in rowdy hippos that had gone on the rampage, and were damaging crops in a farm that was close by.

In the past, residents especially those living around Lake Ol Bollosat in Nyandarua county and River Ewaso Nyiro in Laikipia County have been advised to be keen while working around their farms as the animals might be dangerous and could turn wild.

According to Nyandarua County Senior KWS Warden, Gabriel Kiio, the heavy rains that have been experienced in various parts of the region had pushed out hippos from their habitat due to water levels.
“We have recently experienced heavy downpours in the recent days, and the region being a habitat for good number of hippos especially at around Lake Ol Bollosat and therefore having so many water masses around the area hippos have moved from normal habitats to areas with smaller masses of water,” said Kioo in his Nyahururu town office.

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