Amusing moment as paranoid Gidi blasts wife-beater in dramatised fashion in effort to avoid Shaffie, Joe Mfalme’s fate

A popular Kiswahili saying opines, “Ukiona cha mwenzako kikinyolewa, chako kitie maji”, which loosely translates to, you need to shape up once you see something happen to your colleague.

If events of the other day are anything to go by, then Radio Jambo’s Gidi seems to have taken that message to heart after seeing what happened to Shaffie Weru, and DJ Joe Mfalme.
The two were first suspended, then fired. On top of this, they left in their wake a mess that Homeboyz Radio will take a million shillings, and five days of apologies to clean.
All this came about after they spoke disparagingly about women in general and an assault victim in particular, in the wake of repeated incidents of gender based violence against women.


During Monday’s episode of the popular radio show patanisho which comes every weekday on Radio Jambo, a caller by the name Zachariah called to ask for Gidi’s help in convincing his wife by the name Damaris to come back to him.

When Gidi asked him what he had done to cause her to walk out on him, he, after beating about the bush continuously, finally admitted that he had physically abused her.

While it has always been the show’s policy that spousal abuse is wrong and should be roundly condemned, this time Gidi appeared to be in an unrivaled tempo.

Were it not for the fact that the topic is a serious one which has no time nor space for jokes, one would have easily thought that Gidi was joking.

After repeatedly warning the fella against laying a finger on his wife, he finished on an emphatic note, excitedly telling him that if he dared to do that ever again, he would find himself in jail.

With the fear of the Lord clearly having been put in him, the audibly shaken Zachariah who could be heard breathing pensively as he swore, oath after oath, never to assault the wife ever again, went on to give details of Damaris’ mum, who he suggested Gidi should call in case Damaris wouldn’t be reached.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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