Amused Charles Owino responds to question on why police recruitment entails checking teeth

For a long time, myths, speculation and even jokes have been created about why security forces recruitment exercises involve things such as checking somebody’s dental formula. All manner of explanations, some funny and some just down right ridiculous, have been put forward, trying to make sense of the connection between law enforcement, molars and premolars.

However, yesterday someone finally put it forward to the person best qualified to answer the question, and the response was unexpected.

Police Spokesman Charles Owino was hosted yesterday on Citizen TV’s morning show Daybreak, conducted by Trevor Ombija. During the QandA session, a viewer asked why officers handling police recruitment exercises considered ones teeth, and to great shock and disappointment, the Police spokesman said he didn’t know.

Most spokespersons are experienced spin-doctors who will rarely admit to not knowing about something which he, or she, should be pretty knowledgeable of, and so it was pretty unexpected to hear Charles Owino wash his hands on the issue. He instead passed it on to their forensic department, saying that this is the team that would probably be able to know the technical reasons for the requirement which the viewer had enquired about.

Nevertheless, the police Spokesman went on to, all the same, give an explanation for a related feature during recruitment exercises- the reason behind why recruitment officers check for height.
Owino explained that it has to do with optics, and the confidence that the service looks to earn from the people.

”The Police is all about making the populace feel safe, and there are certain heights which, honestly speaking, don’t give much confidence. There’s a height that an officer might be, which will, in no way whatsoever, make a civilian feel safe. An officer should have a commanding presence. He should be tall enough to make someone feel safe and assured around.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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