Amina finally addresses last year’s on-air meltdown and attack on co-host

Ever since last year’s infamous and dramatic meltdown by The Trend’s host Amina Abdi Rabar, she and her co-host have continued hosting, show after show week after week acting like nothing happened, and ignoring the obvious elephant in the room. However, finally, in what seemed like a concerted effort by Amina to put aside her pride and cobble up something close to an apology, The Trend host spoke on the incident.


As the show began, Amina said that she had planned to take shots at her two co-hosts, Kwach and Daddy Marto, but she decided against it because they have a tendency to take things too seriously. A visibly shocked Daddy Marto was silent for a minute, clearly stunned by the irony of the statement, and probably unsure about whether to play along and risk a repeat of what happened last time, or ignore it and make it all awkward.


During last year’s incident, Daddy Marto was reading the comments from the feedback section by viewers when he innocently read a tweet that appeared to make fun of Amina, and the make-up she had put on. Amina’s response was vicious. She went into a meltdown, giving the shaken Marto a serious tongue-lashing. For a good portion of the incredible scene, almost everyone, including the other panelist, Kwach, thought it was a joke. However, it became clear that there was no laughing matter there when Amina hinted at kicking Daddy Marto off the show.


Last Friday, after perhaps reading the mood and sensing that it was safe enough to proceed, Marto used the chance to bring up that incident. He wondered (as probably everybody else was) how Amina could say such a thing yet she was the one who overreacted a while back, and the effects of the incident are still being felt 6 months later. Interestingly, Daddy Marto said that the incident occurred 6 months ago, yet it’s now almost eight months. Maybe it’s because the incident is still fresh in his mind.


Without clearly or expressly saying she was sorry, Amina alluded at an apology by saying that Marto should understand women always take it differently when a guy disses them, even if it’s done lightly.

The whole panel then moved on cheerfully to the week’s trending topics, with the issue having hopefully now been laid to rest.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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