Amina Abdi Rabar; send your mean comment so that I can read it and at least know you exist.

The Trend’s Amina Abdi Rabar, who is famous for always wondering and asking why people send her mean and hurtful comments yet she’s such a wonderful person who doesn’t remember saying anything insensitive that could possibly annoy anyone, was at it again, and this time, dropped what might just be one of her most arrogant bombshells.

All this went down during The Trend’s episode which she had on actor and content creator Daddy Marto, and TV show host, Mariam Bashar, as her week’s guests.

As she went through the week’s top trending topics, which she juggled with promoting the Oppo Reno 6 5G phone, she took the show for a break, but not before leaving viewers with a scathing message which, although was coated with laughter, still contained the potency that it was intended to.

She urged the viewers to send in their feedback and say what was on their minds. However, she then went on to tell them to send in their mean comments. That way, after going through them, she would at least afford them the honour of knowing about their existence in this world, which she otherwise wouldn’t know about.

Apart from her smart comment, she continued with her effort to rebuild her relationship with Daddy Marto, by partly mocking him and partly genuinely congratulating him over how he helped welcome his latest child.

Daddy Marto wowed fans as he shared his experience in the labour room during the birth of his second baby. Daddie Marto and his wife Christine Kokueendera Lwanga (Koku), welcomed their second born baby boy on August 25, 2021.

The actor documented the whole journey on his Instagram stories with posts showing him trying to soothe Koku’s contraction pains by giving lower back massages, feet rubs, pulling her arms and sitting back to back for support.

His recapping of the experience caused such a stir and became an online sensation because of how supportive he was during the entire time. Amina didn’t fail to point out the time he let Koku pull his hair and shirt when the pain became unbearable.

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