Amina Abdi Rabar faces a hard time for promoting alcohol during Ramadhan

Although Amina famously got married to popular DJ John Rabar a couple of years ago, she didn’t convert to Christianity but instead chose to stick to her religion of birth which is Islam. That’s the reason she still goes by her Muslim names.


Over the weekend, the lovely host of the popular ntv show The Trend got more than she bargained for after promoting Hennessy in a brief promo titled The Cypher which features a rap contest among popular urban rappers such as Wakadinali and Steph Kapela among others.


Even before the alcohol section, it would appear viewers already had it in for the Borana beauty.
During the show, funny man Osoro came on board as an egg selling vendor in an effort to commemorate Labour Day and prepared eggs for those who were on the show.

However, when some fans saw this, they accused Amina of eating during Ramadhan, not realising that after sunset, fasting Muslims are allowed to eat as it is then what is known as Iftar.


Later on in the show, there was featured a section which was sponsored by Hennessey and involved rapping contests and even NBA stories.


From this point onwards, fans online couldn’t stop mocking Amina about her promo. Even when she tried to tilt the conversation to something else, fans kept bringing up Hennessy, and making fun of her.

When she posted about Osoro’s eggs, comments were like those a user going by the names Psycho Sins who tweeted at Amina saying, “Kama inakuja na Hennessy nisawa”.
Another one going simply by Kevoh lefti asked, “Inakam na @HennesyKE ama?”

Others went on to ask if this was allowed while others simply wondered why she would do such a thing.


All in all it ended up being an exciting show with the highlight being the unveiling of the new ntv presenters Lofty Matambo and Fridah Mwaka.[0]=AT2Z2S5BHPu_7ICRldKbjTHJ8855_5fSlxP_wZmfxEMpAxTpdf-dI2l9xtC2_Emt1N9NeMfjfxA8GkS8B_dRTpJWNXOZZPn1_7L2iIHDryEYYwR-gG5A4NGpvekcN9W5webQ9hk-VtR2bQeg4kWFhsflbaqj6614SrIDAXqysytXp_AvRCXuB4IPTZ268Bqk1teyEWw6

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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