Ambrose Weda; Before the troubles in Jubilee began, we were flying in choppers all around

In a blatant and shameless admission of the cronyism and unchecked usage of public property by party stalwarts that was going on within Jubilee before the current infighting began, lawyer Ambrose Weda bragged live on national TV about how he had unrestricted access to the trappings and perks afforded by the proximity of the leading party to power.

It all started when Ambrose Weda, a renown and fierce critic of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, appeared alongside Gabriel “Gabby” Mutuma in a debate that sought to analyse the state of the ruling party, and NASA, in relation to the BBI.

They were on KTN, during the 9PM news hour, and were hosted by Linda Ogutu.

As the show was drawing to a close, Linda told Ambrose to make sure he came to the studio next time, instead of linking up with them through the phone as he had done. This was when Ambrose said that the infighting in Jubilee had messed up his travel flexibility, as he wasn’t able to traverse the country like before when he had an array of helicopters at his beck and call.

The debate itself had been quite a stormy one, with Ambrose Weda dismissing Raila’s claims that the reason he wasn’t going to endorse any of his NASA counterparts was because they deserted him during his mock swearing in. Weda said that this was just an excuse by Raila, and that the real reason for his hostility towards his erstwhile partners was because he himself was interested in the presidency.

Ambrose also surprised his host and co-panelist, by asserting that there were two scenarios which could lead to Ruto working with Raila. The first one was if BBI passes, and Uhuru turns on Raila, or if BBI was to fail, and Uhuru, having lost faith in his earlier believe that Raila is politically influential, decides to back someone else.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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