Alleged Nairobi County Looting Spree That Involves Governor Sonko and Uhuru’s Nephew Jomo Gecaga

A section of Nairobi County technocrats and politicians are musing if the war on corruption is genuine or it is only skewed against those allied to the Deputy President William Ruto.
The CECs and a section of MCAs have lamented massive corruption deals said to have been orchestrated by Governor Sonko and allegedly covered up with the help of senior detectives at DCI and EACC complete with threats and intimidation by the Governor who also invokes the name of President Kenyatta’s personal assistant Jomo Gecaga.
Kenyan Report could however not independently verify the claims
But according to detailed reports Governor Sonko’s is overseeing corruption deals involving billions of shillings in taxpayer money make Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s Sh588m scam look like child’s play.
Sources in the know intimated that Governor has shockingly been pocketing a whooping 70% of all Nairobi County revenue through his companies and others held by proxies including East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) legislator Simon Mbugua.
The money, as captured in discreetly obtained statements, is deposited in these accounts leaving the county at the mercy of donor funds to run its affairs.
One would however be skeptical of these claims given the beautification programs, streets face lifting, hospitals being spruced up are all ongoing. Doesn’t that imply the governor is using tax payers money prudently?
Well, apparently not. 
According to documents in possession of the whistle-blowers, the scam is covered up in an elaborate accounting fraud scheme. 
Working with the Chief Finance Officer, Governor Sonko has been invoicing donor funded projects to look like they have been done using monies allocated by the Nairobi County Government from actual revenue collections.
An MCA who spoke in anonymity due to the constant threats says they have on more than one occasion delivered evidence to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) but no action has been taken.
“We did our part and delivered the statements, invoices and also proof of communication between donors and the county but nothing is moving,” the MCA said.
The CECs and MCAs whom we spoke to say that some senior officers at DCI and EACC are on the Governor’s payroll making it hard for them to get these cases investigated and prosecuted. 
Sonko is alleged to be invoking the name of President Kenyatta’s personal assistant and nephew Jomo Gecaga from time to time to intimidate them.
One CEC who also spoke in anonymity said they are wondering if the President’s personal assistant is aware that his name is being used to fleece taxpayers of billions of shillings.
“I don’t know if Jomo knows what Sonko is doing and if he does then he is failing the President in the war on corruption,” the CEC said.
The MCAs also say that the Nairobi County Finance Chief Officer is a brother to former EACC boss Halakhe Wako who still has links to the anti-graft agency making it hard for them to get the files to the higher ups including EACC boss Twalib Mbarak.
On Wednesday, in what appears to be a direct threat to CECs the Governor while responding to Philip Sogoti Chepsat who had put up an advert in the local dailies seeking to become Deputy Governor, Sonko hinted that he is about to fire some CECs and that he should apply for the DG position then.
The CECs and MCAs are now hoping that the information will reach DCI Kinoti and EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak for action.
Sonko has since defended himself against the allegations which were first shared on Buyers be Ware- a Facebook platform run by Mildred Atty Owiso.
Owiso has since been arrested by Sonko vows he had nothing to do with it.
On his facebook timeline, he wrote: 


It is a very interesting coincidence that only a day after this infamous blogger who I had never heard of before Saturday crawled from the woodworks and attacked me without justification based on year ending june 2017 to June 2018 audit report which I addressed sufficiently in numerous posts on social media, in National Television on SIDEBAR at NTV and at SENATE PAC Committee which was aired live only for her to be arrested the next day over HUMAN TRAFFICKING ALLEGATIONS even before I have filed my complaint against her with police. According to NTV video MILDRED ATTY OWISO AND HER HUSBAND JORAM ODHIAMBO LIECH arrest was in relation to A HUMAN TRAFFICKING CHARGE AND THEIR VICTIMS, two ladies one 18 years old and another one 19 years whi were purpotedly to be flown to Lebanon and employed as house maids were being held hostage in the suspects house not to be released until they part with 20k each. NUMEROUS PASSPORTS BELONGING TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE were also found in their house. The case was reported to DCI buruburu by one of the girl’s Mother.( Girls names shall be released at a later post due to security and age issues). It has been revealed when the suspects house was raided by Dci officers the 2 girls were rescued and MILDRED’S husband arrested and accompanied the officers to Buru buru police station where he was booked and put in the police cells . On realising her Husband’s arrest, Mildred went to the police station demanding for the release of her husband by shouting and wanting to fight with the officers in protest. It is at this point that the police felt provoked and also locked her up with the offence of CREATING DISTURBANCE IN A POLICE STATION. The husband who is the main suspect in the trafficking case was later released on cash bail.

It begs the question: DID MILDRED ATTY OWISO AFTER REALIZING THAT POLICE WERE CLOSING ON HER for her Human Trafficking Crimes Against Humanity decide to attack me out of the blues without any basis knowing as usual I will come out to defend my reputation and then when she gets arrested she and her fellow extortionists can push a #FREEATTYHashtag using my name to gain sympathy and divert attention from her her real crimes? And who told them because we are leaders or have been elected by the People to serve them we don’t have rights and protection under the law? 
I have nothing to do with MILDRED ATTY OWISO’s current predicament but that does not mean I have withdrawn my demand that she files her corruption allegations against me if any with DCI or EACC failing of which I shall file a Criminal Libel complaint against her and her Facebook Page BUYERS BEWARE admins. My investigations have revealed that Mildred Atty Owiso and her fellow Admin of BUYERS BEWARE one Jackson Njeru are known extortionists. Already, there was complaint pending in Kilimani Police Station by a lady called Kadioli Akivanga who she defamed after a failed blackmail and extortion attempt. Her fellow Admin Jackson Njeru had been jailed for six (6) months for defaming the wife of my lawyer Cecil Miller but was released after serving 2 months in prison. Personally, I sensed something was amiss when Mildred’s fellow admin Jackson Njeru called me immediately their article against me was posted to ask that nitafutie Mildred kitu hiyo story iishe but instead nikajam. Then the brother of that Jackson Njeru one Steve Njeru called me immediately afterwards to ask me to speak to his brother Jackson Njeru and to see how we could resolve the issue so he can pull down the post. I sensed this was an extortion ring na ndio nikamua kuwanika na kupelekana nao kama cartels waku expoziwa.

This idea of people spreading false rumours and mushene against people in attempt to extort them and when the culprits are challenged to account in the interest of truth they start crying ooh Sonko is fighting women, that is nonsense. When you insult or lie about someone, it’s not womenfolk who have done it, it is you, pambana na hali yako! When I make allegations of corruption against anyone whether land grabbers or thieves of public money, you have seen me go out of my way to prove with alot of evidence because he who alleges must prove! For instance, I have won all recent cases on behalf of widows against land grabbers who had taken land belonging to widows including the Buruburu case ( Widow Mary Ochola), Pangani Case ( Widow Hannah Kisivi), Madiwa ( Gladwel Muthoni) and Upperhill ( Judith Njenga) Cases because I had solid facts on my side. And even as Senator, I won over 20 Land Cases based on facts and truth on behalf of widows whose land had been grabbed by unscrupulous land grabbers and recovered properties worth more than Billions. 
There is a difference between whistle blowing and blackmailing leaders through irresponsible spreading of rumours and false statements in social media which is an offense under Section 66 of the Penal Code.

The same way we say NO to corrupt people saying my tribe is being targeted when they are called to account for theft of public money, we should say no to mannerless people whether women or men who insult and lie about others and then rush to cry that their victims are fighting women when they ask them as individuals to substantiate their allegations!


These revelations come only weeks after an article in one of the dailies claimed that families of three people, who were reported as missing in Majengo Kanamai area, Kilifi County, have mentioned Sonko, as a participant.

The three people reportedly disappeared over the tussle of a 230-acre piece of land which Sonko is reported to have an interest in.

Families to the missing persons mentioned the governor as a participant for his interests in the parcel which is currently occupied by some 471 squatters.

In a statement released by his communications officer, Sonko, however, refuted claims that he was behind their disappearance terming them as malicious.

The governor further argued that he has the right to acquire land in any part of the country on ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ basis as long as proper procedure is observed.

“We are all Kenyans and we should own property at any given place as long as we have followed due process.

“Sonko did not start acquiring land when he became the governor of Nairobi, he has plenty of plots even in Turkana and Isiolo. He acquired this before he became the area MP for Makadara. So there is no illegality in that,” argued the communications official.

“Anyone can own land in any part of the country. The governor has been acquiring land even before he joined politics,” he added.

He further challenged the complainants to provide proof that Sonko was behind the three persons’ disappearance.

“If those people have any evidence, they can report to the police. There is nothing more there,” he added.

Sonko has previously appeared on various talk shows armed with tens of title deeds to prove that he acquired all the lands he own legitimately.

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