Alfred Mutua discloses details of stormy phone call with Kalonzo, and a failed handshake attempt

Smarting from the embarrassment of being forced by the president to pull his candidate Katuku Mutua out of the Machakos by-election senatorial race to be held today, the Machakos governor seems to be in a tell-all mood, and isn’t sparing any details when it comes to speaking what is on his mind. This is exactly what happened when the governor spoke about a phone call he had held with the former Vice-president, Kalonzo Musyoka.


Speaking on KTN’s NewsNight which was hosted by KTN’s political journalist Ben Kitili, the former government spokesman was linking by phone. Kitili asked him to shed more light on what had happened that caused him to withdraw his party’s candidate from the coming by-election. Alfred Mutua said that looking at the situation in Machakos, he had felt that things weren’t going well and decided to reach out to Kalonzo.

“I called the wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, but he was adamant that it was either his way or the highway. Seeing that the situation was getting hopeless, I decided to be the bigger man and take the high road. I just decided that I was going to be the one to withdraw from the race for the sake of the greater good”


The Machakos governor went on to say that he had received information that on election day, the Wiper party was planning widespread acts of violence, and so as to avoid all the unnecessary bloodshed, he had just decided back out of the race altogether.


Asked whether he wasn’t concerned that his decision to pull out of the race would be taken as a sign of cowardice by his supporters, an emphatic Mutua said that this didn’t worry him one bit, since it was clear for all to see that Kalonzo and his party have been the scared ones all along, considering the constant unnecessary alarms of vote rigging they have raised and blamed it on him.

And with a parting shot that insinuated his withdrawn candidate Katuku Mutua has perhaps been promised a state job, Mutua said his decision to pull out of the race will result in more jobs for the people of Machakos.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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