Alai out of control as he continues with ridiculous tweets that fly in the face of simple logic

It is said that for an illusionist, it isn’t about the art of controlling what people can see, but rather, controlling what people think they can see, and blogger Robert Alai is proving to be a master at it, or at least trying to.

In a space of less than a week, he has posted things that, simply put, defy logic, the latest being yesterday.

Earlier, it was a tweet connected to the shameful tweet by economist David Ndii.

The economist, while replying to a taunt by a BBI supporter who boasted about the report having been adopted in Narok, wrote an utterly disgraceful and offensive slur aimed at Luos. This received widespread criticism, with many people attacking him for the uncalled for insults. Among the Twitter users who admonished him was Martha Karua, calling his conduct, “Inappropriate”.

Despite this, Alai posted that Martha Karua who somehow happy with Ndii’s comment.

Karua didn’t respond to this, which many felt, was the right decision, as a response would have perhaps given credence to a tweet that was trying to defy the obvious criticism of Martha to Ndii, which anybody with eyes could see.

Then yesterday, he tweeted a picture of a female Army officer taking the height measurements of a male hopeful who had turned up for the recruitment exercise. By looking at the photo, it’s clear that the hopeful falls below the required height. However, so does the officer who is carrying out the exercise. Alai uses this to discredit the entire exercise, wondering why an officer shorter than the required height level should deny someone else a chance following requirements that she herself hasn’t met.

Two things the blogger conveniently fails to note is, one; the height requirement for males is different from that of females, and second, requirements change from time to time, and the officer might have gotten in on a different basis.

Robert Alai, HSC

The one taking his height is in KDF without the required height but denied the young man a chance because he is a child of a lesser god? There will come days when people will be begged to get into the military. This shouldn’t happen in this day and age. We must change.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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