Akothee and family in mourning

Award-winning musician cum business woman Esther Akoth alias Akothee and the larger family are in mourning following the untimely demise of their sister-in law (wife to her brother).

In her revelation, the hit-maker revealed that her sister-in-law passed on over the weekend, and that the message was delivered to her by her younger sister in 6 AM call.

 She emotionally revealed that the past three years have not been a very good time for the family following series of deaths of relatives.

Rest in Peace Min Maraga

“I felt something was wrong, my night was disturbed after we talked last night, you narrating how you were nursing your daughter in-law ?I could feel the fear in you , I might not know how to handle you at this particular fragile moment merwa? piny En kamano nyar Gi Ngei (Such is life my mother sister to Ngei).

 I could feel the fear in you ,you are a strong woman, but with Death ,akia wuoyo kodi koro .

Akiani agochni koso abi dala,koso apondni(I don’t know whether to call you, come home or hide.)????? The past 3 years, My mother / family has seen ,felt and heard it all ??Now another death .

Akia kuma asoo e wiya (I don’t know where to barry my head).

I saw Cebbis call at 6 ? no one calls me before 10.00 am

Then Godfrey calls at the same time,There is no need to call you mum. I know, May Min Maraga Rest in Peace ??Mayoooooo (Ululations)” reads Akothee’s post.

Akothee’s younger sister also mourned the sister-in-law in the following words.

“Death sounds so abstract not until it knocks their. It doesn’t give a warning

It doesn’t tell when it comes. When we are taken Ill, we all hope to heal and praise his name as we rejoice in happiness. The opposite is welcome with sheer sorrows. Sheer fear and agony. Ultimate fear of humans of all kind. But God doesn’t want us to live in fear nor defeat. He wants us to live and die in confidence that comes from knowing we belong to the victorious . It’s a road we are all made for. Gone too soon. May your soul Rest In Peace jaber Min Maraga..”

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    Written by Fred Orido




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