Aisha Jumwa in trouble for labeling Governor Kingi ‘Joho’s handbag’

MP Aisha Jumwa./ FILE

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has come under intense criticism for using foul language towards Governors Hassan Joho of Mombasa and his Kilifi counterpart, Amason Kingi. The Malindi town legislator has been leading Tanga Tanga troops in drumming up support for Feisal Bader, an Independent candidate bankrolled by DP William Ruto.

At several rallies in Msambweni, MP Jumwa labeled Governs Kingi and Joho as failures who should not waste their time bothering Coast residents seeking their votes again.

“Governor Kingi should not worry you. He has nothing. He will do and change nothing here in Msambweni. In fact, he has ashamed us, the people of Kilifi, as he has become Joho’s handbag. He says only what his counterpart says,” Ms Jumwa said in one of his stops.

On Saturday leaders from Kilifi came out guns blazing to defend their governor, saying the Malindi MP is taking things personally and hurling insults at Joho and Kingi because that is what she has been instructed to do by DP William Ruto.

Governor Kingi who did not take the remarks kindly fired back at Ms. Jumwa, saying she was not elected by the people of Malindi to insult fellow leaders, rather to represent them in Parliament.

“You were elected to represent us, but in Parliament you are so silent. You are waiting for the weekend to go and insult your governor. Do not shame us, the people of Kilifi,” Mr Kingi said during the funeral of Malindi MCA’s wife in Dabaso.

Kilifi Woman Representative Getrude Mbeyu, who accompanied Governor Kingi said Ms. Jumwa had mastered the art of insulting leaders, mostly Mr Joho and Mr Kingi.

“We have all been insulted by Ms Jumwa, and we are tired of these insults. Please show us the way, Mr Kingi, for you are our political elder. Unite us before you leave office in 2022.”

Magarini MP Michael Kingi said Ms Jumwa has been insulting leaders who appear to be supporting the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which she is opposing.

“I have been insulted in Magarini. She comes there and tells the people how useless their MP is. She was the county woman rep. What did she do then? She has realised that opposing BBI does not work and has now resorted to insults,” he said.

On his part, Lands Chief Administrative Secretary Gideon Mung’aro said DP William Ruto and his team of MPs at the Coast who are opposed to the BBI are enemies of the people. Mungaro said BBI was good for their people and should be supported by every leader regardless of their political persuasion.

“We will, for instance, get more constituencies here in Kilifi. The next governor will get more money. But do you know why they are worried? It is because BBI has recommended speedy prosecution and conclusion of corruption cases — within two years,” he said.

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