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Airtel takes war to Safaricom’s door.

Gaston Wabomba

Business nowadays involves a lot of competition. Consumers buy the brand first and the product later. Brands, hence, spend a huge amount in marketing themselves as a better player than others. This often lead to brand war which usually include brand using tactics like ambush marketing, viral marketing, brand advertisement wars, evangelism marketing etc.
We have seen brands take jabs at each other for instance; we know the ongoing brand war between Apple and Samsung. One of the most notable advertisement wars was when Samsung compared its Samsung S3 with IPhone 5 in terms of features.
And looks like Airtel Kenya has finally woken up and employing the science of Ambush Marketing in their marketing plans. Airtel Kenya has decided no more zero grazing; they have decided to go for a deeper sail rather take the fight to Safaricom’s backyard. We are seeing adverts doing rounds and a hash-tag in tow #getWhatYouPayFor that has really caught Safaricom literally off guard! For instance, one ad shows this guy (Robinson Mudavadi King Of Challenge) dressed in green (definitely to imply Safaricom) selling a bunch bananas to a traveller in what looks like a public service vehicle (to imply just a common man) the bananas whole appetizing and when buyer finally hands over cash for his goodies, this green guy, plucks bananas from the bunch as the bus starts moving and hides them in his green tee, only for the commoner to realize aaahh here he has been played a good one. He looks back at the seller who waves and smiles sheepishly! Next to the seller is a lady in red (Who has sold has by this time) and the seller offers a banana with this attitude on his face as if to suggest; PAMBANA NA HALI YAKO!
There is the other for apples and some lady who has ordered burger only for the waiter to take a bit. Here are links to those adverts.

But trust the ever-canning Safaricom to come up with a reply and use the same advertisement for their own good. Till then keep it here for some more juicer articles

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