Air France and Lufthansa Operated by Despots, Miguna Miguna now Claims

Embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna now claims Air France and Lufthansa are operated or owned by people he calls ‘despots’ frustrating his return to the country.Miguna, who has been on attack mode after it emerged the red alert issued against his name had not been cancelled by the government now ropes in the two international flight companies in his list of enemies.

” Patriots: Air France, Lufthansa and other “international” airlines are either owned by, operated by or collaborate with tyrants – mass murderers, looters and drug dealers. To bring real change, we must boycott and defeat despots like Uhuru Kenyatta and all their collaborators,” Miguna said in a tweet.

On Wednesday morning, Lufthansa Airlines refused to fly Dr Miguna to JKIA citing a red alert by Kenyan government, prohibiting them from allowing the self proclaimed general in their plane to Kenya or any part of Africa.

‘“Lufthansa has stated that it is ready to transport me to Kenya when the READ ALERT has been formally cancelled or withdrawn by the illegitimate Government of Kenya. But as of now, despite lies peddled via social media and press statements, the RED ALERT has not been cancelled,”Miguna said on Wednesday.

Unable to use Lufthansa Airline, the Canadian based lawyer resorted to use Air France as an alternative and even posted on his social media handles on he was already aboard and expected to be in the country on Thursday at 9:45 am. However, this was not to be after Air France ejected him from their flight citing a red alert by the Government of Kenya.

”Dear Mister Miguna, we fully understand your disappointment but confirm, that to comply with international regulations governing air transport we were obliged to deny boarding as soon as we received the request of Kenyan authorities, as Lufthansa had to do it this morning,” Air France tweeted the lawyer.

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    Written by Albert

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