Ahmednasir Abdullahi promises to release evidence deconstructing Christianity today

If the words of Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi are to be believed, then in a few hours time, the controversial lawyer should be releasing a detailed dossier that is bound to baffle and mystify, not just Theologians, but also Philosophers and religious scholars as well.
Ahmednasir, who had formerly served as a representative of the Law Society of Kenya in the Judicial Service Commission promised that today, he will provide evidence that is set to shake and disrupt the tenets of the Christian faith.

Ahmednasir is not particularly known for religious pronouncements, and only uses the phrase Grand Mullah as a title just for the thrill of it. However, he has now promised to disprove the divinity of Jesus Christ, which is the biggest tenet upon which the Christian faith is built.

In an abrupt and incredible tweet that appeared to suddenly erupt out of nowhere after he had just stopped tweeting about the Somalian situation and their president, Farmajo, Abdullahi wrote that today he would drop quotes from the Qur’an that will prove there’s nowhere Jesus Christ demanded he be worshiped. The tweet read,

Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC
Kesho I will post the last 15 verses of Chpt 5 of the Quran “Ma’ Idah” which contains the MOST EXCRUCIATING CROSS EXAMINATION of a person on the day of judgment.This is Allah’s cross examination of Prophet JESUS & whether he ever claimed that he & his mother should be worshipped.

This appeared to cause a furore among his followers who disputed this, and some urged him to stick to matters of law and desist from commenting on sensitive and weighty issues such as religion.
Among the prominent ones of his followers were lawyer and outspoken political analyst Donald Kipkorir who said,

Donald B Kipkorir
AA, With the greatest respect, Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ was the Son of God & God-the-Son … For your information, part of my High School studies was training to be a Roman Catholic Priest …. With humility, Christian Triadology is beyond understanding of a lay Muslim.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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