“Ageing” Avril turns to Kikuyu songs following onslaught from Nadia and Tanasha

At the height of her popularity, Avril was a triple threat. While she was topping the charts with a string of singles and collabos, she was also gracing the silver screen with one of the leading roles on the international MTV show, Shuga. She was also a video vixen of no mean repute, playing Diamond’s love interest in the Bongo star’s mega hit, Kesho. Cross-border appeal mixed with star quality and corporate approval by multinational companies in the country made her such a huge star, that a quick Google search for the international Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne, sometimes brought with it results of our very own Avril Nyambura.


Popular singer Avril turned a year older two weeks ago, and now it seems that with this came along some new resolutions.

It has become common practice that as a singer turns to the direction headed towards fourth floor, or forty years, she will either turn to gospel music, or vernacular songs.

One of Kenya’s most urban and mainstream singers, Avril, appears to have decided on the latter.

Avril who has noticeably taken a back seat for a while now has seen the industry’s crown snatched from her by a hungry and unrelenting pack of new upcoming young female singers who have unapologetically taken over from their predecessors.

Led by runaway success Nadia Mukami, the new lionesses comprise of new acts such as Donna Tanasha, Bey T and even Genge Tone rapper, Ssaru. Amani and Wahu, Avril’s one time contemporaries, appear to have smelt the coffee early on, and started doing gospel music.

Appearing on K24’s weekly entertainment show, “unplugged” to promote her new album, Avril started with an inspirational ballad titled “Spirit” which calls for female empowerment, and gal power.

However, after the interview, she had a totally unexpected shocker for her fans. She began singing a Kikuyu song titled Gikeno off her new album. This left even her host taken aback, confessing that he didn’t know she could speak Kikuyu.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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