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Actress Frida Kajala & daughter Paula arrested over leaking of ex-boyfriend Harmonize’s Nudes and chats to the public

Award-winning actress Frida Kajala and daughter Paula Kajala were yesterday arrested by the Tanzanian authorities hours after jetting in from Dubai.

Sources privy to their arrest indicate that the Kajala’s were arrested over the leakage of bongo star Harmonize’s nudes and private chats to the public.

They were being held at the Central police station in Dar es Salaam and will be questioned by authorities over the same today.

Their arrest comes days after the Tanzanian regulatory body Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa’ (BASATA) was forced to intervene with the aim of bringing to an end the warring sides of Rayvanny and Konde Boy.

In his first salvo to the duo, BASATA asked them to refrain from using abusive words on each other and instead focus on making good music or face the full force of the law.

This is after Harmonize had vowed to seek legal redress over the same, dragging Rayvanny, Baba Levo, and others to Court.

Rayvanny and Wasafi FM Presenter and singer Baba Levo were also questioned by detectives over leaking Harmonize’s nudes and private chats.

 The never-give-up hitmaker’s concern was sharing malicious information about him on social media with the aim of ruining and tarnishing his brand that took him time and billions to build.

Harmonize last Wednesday stated that his lawyer was on top of things, preparing a cyber-crime case against people who took part is sharing his alleged nude video and photos online.

The two fell out after word got out of Harmonize seducing the daughter of his girlfriend Frida Kajala, to an extent of sending her nudes.

They degenerated it to the level of releasing songs on the issue, with Harmonize confessing his Mistakes in the relationship with Kajala, while Vanny Boy lectured him to own up to his mistakes and apologize

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    Written by Fred Orido




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