A Political Aspirant Viciously Attacked In Another Hustler Vs Dynasty Burst-up

Vihiga Women Rep aspirant Ruth Ambogo has alleged that she was viciously attacked by a group that labelled her and her friends as dynasties. The politician was meeting up with her friends to catch up over late lunch and discuss matters politics as they laid out plans for her 2022 bid. The meet up  turned ugly when they were attacked by a group of people who were seated at a table next to us claiming we were dynasties and harming them in the process.

Ruth claims she was  scheduled to meet a fellow aspirant and friend from Vihiga county to lay down plans  and discuss travel itinerary for a project they were set to launch together during the weekend in Vihiga. Ambogo arrived at the meeting venue,Amazon Park,  a restaurant located at Kilimani along Menelik Road at about 2 pm. While waiting for her friend to join her, another friend, who she had been planning to meet this week called to find out where she was and decided to join them.

Ambogo claims that their meeting was progressing well with all manner of topics arising ranging from their political campaign plans,  plans to launch the project this weekend and the logistics of the same, business, national politics, BBI, and general catch up talk. The aspiring politician claims that a group of 3 men walked in and occupied the gazebo next to them.

One of the 3 rose up from his seat and walked to their gazebo angrily shouting at them and telling them to lower their tones. The man allegedly went back to his seat but continued throwing jibes at the ladies and referring to one of her friends as a Sudanese refugee who had looted from her country and escaped to Kenya and was now meddling in Kenyan affairs by funding politicians using blood money. He also accused Ambogo’s friend of taking over business opportunities that ideally should be given to “hustlers” like him.

The man introduced himself as Kiplagat, a proud kalenjin and referred to Ambogo and her friends as dynasties while threatening that they would soon know who truly owns Kenya. The ladies requested to have the management intervene as the situation was speedingly escalating and getting out of hand. A lady in the group of the 3 men also joined in on the insults and threats directly addressing them saying;

“Nyinyi Wakikuyu mmetunyanyasa hapa Kenya roundi hii mtajua hamjui hii sasa ni vita ya sisi ma hustler na nyinyi dynasties na ikibidi damu imwagike itamwagika”

The rowdy men profiled Ambogo as a  Kikuyu by virtue of her skin tone and general facial features and branded her friend who is Luo as a Sudanese on the same grounds. The management was seemingly hesitatant at handling the situation as it later emerged that the three are acquainted with the management/Owner of the joint. Ambogo made unfruitful efforts to reach out to the police while the altercation kept escalating.

The management decided to forcefully evict the rowdy group who then started throwing glass bottles at the politician and her friends. While attempting to get to safety, they men threw a glass at them hitting her friend on the arm bruising him. Ambogo also sustained a thigh injury after the broken glass landed on her.

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    Written by KDB




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