A case of actual insanity or pretense? Catherine Nyokabi murder suspect drops shocker again in court

When the alleged maniac and cold-blooded murderer of Cathrine Nyokabi, Kiambu based business man Evans Karani was first arraigned in court to answer charges of murdering his girlfriend, his response caused many to assume that they were probably dealing with a genuine nutcase who perhaps required rehabilitation or life within a mental facility rather than incarceration.

However, following another unusual and unexpected pronouncement this week after he was again forwarded to court, netizens are now of the opinion that the guy may not be crazy after all, but just a sadistic killer who is pretending to be insane so as to get away with murder on grounds of mental instability.

When Evans Karani first appeared before Magistrate Oscar Wanyaga in a Thika Court on April 19th this year, he casually confessed to killing Catherine, before offhandedly asking the Magistrate to not only fasten the hearing, but in fact find him guilty and hand him a sentence so that he could start serving quickly without wasting time.

However, appearing again this week, he disowned everything he had said earlier. In a totally unexpected and erratic display that pointed at a possible disorder, he now pleaded innocent, claiming that he did not murder his girlfriend as he had asserted before.

This latest eruption appears to be drama carried over from the previous day when the hearing failed to proceed after Karani couldn’t take a plea for the reason that he had no lawyer to represent him.

Karani was arrested on April 16 after the body of his estranged lover was discovered 50 meters from his car in the Ndarugu area of Juja, Kiambu County.

It is believed the woman was killed in April 14.

Detectives believe his car got stuck in the mud when he dumped the body, forcing him to abandon it at the scene.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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