A Battle of the Titans threatens to erupt in East Africa; Chameleone vs Diamond

If emerging reports are anything to go by, then East Africa should brace itself for the biggest gigantic regional battle since the famous war between Nyerere and Idi Amin Dada in the 70s. A sleeping giant seems to be stirring from deep slumber, and groans, spoiling for a fight with East Africa’s current top star.

The string of dramatic events that have been following Jose Chameleon of late indicate a comeback from the Ugandan musical demigod. He has been accused of holding a controversial meeting with Museveni’s brother. He has also been said to be once again beefing with his long time nemesis Bobi Wine. And now, the latest reports point to something even bigger in the making.
Just at a time when Diamond is the top news in Uganda due to the rumoured reunion between him and Ugandan beauty Zari, Chameleon has posted a tweet that appears to take a shot at the Bongo superstar.

The seemingly cryptic tweet read,

Don’t gain the world and Lose your Soul, wisdom is better than silver, Diamond and Gold Combined,Be a Better Human being Today #IamJosephLoading…

Most Ugandans have been warning Zari against going back to the Tanzanian badboy, and Chameleon’s tweet, which mentions Diamond, has been taken as a veiled advice to his compatriot, and Diamond’s ex-wife, Zari.

A few days back, a group of musicians led by Chameleone met with President Museveni’s brother, Gen. Salim Saleh soliciting for funds to revamp the entertainment circles.

Bobi Wine, who is also the president of National Unity Platform was quick to ridicule the musicians likening them to chickens who the government is throwing crumbs for them to feed.
In his social media post, Mr. Wine expressed disappointment that musicians had stopped so low to the point of begging from a government that is oppressing people.

He quoted Russia’s former ruler, Joseph Stalin, who was especially vocal against capitalism.
Stalin had demonstrated to his followers using a chicken he had plucked off feathers but despite the pain it was in, it followed him like a tail expecting crumbs

In this way, Stalin pointed out, it is easy for capitalists to exploit stupid people.
In a social media post, Chameleone responded by quoting music legend, Bob Marley saying that he is not after money and Wine must thus put his nose elsewhere.

“Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your chances for happiness will never end.” Chameleone said.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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