The strange item set to face tax hike in Ukur Yattani’s budget; have the Illuminati stories been true all along?

Most people have always casually dismissed stories about Illuminati controlling global financial institutions as idle talk. The idea that there’s a secret cabal holed up somewhere imposing their mysterious plans on the world has always sounded too absurd to believe.


However, a quick look at the items which the Treasury CS Ukur Yattani has lined up for tax hikes in the upcoming budget reveals the usual commodities which include automobiles, foodstuffs such as bread which is also expected to rise, and betting companies, which have seen a steady increase in the amount of money that they’re charged for years now.


However, curiously included next to the aforementioned items are nicotine pouches.
The nicotine pouches are placed under the lip so that the nicotine can be absorbed by the body, but they do not contain tobacco.


They are used to assist people quit smoking, and an increase in their taxation will make them much harder to acquire, hence keep people chained in the bondage of smoking.


Excise duty charged on cigarettes and alcohol has always been a major source of income for governments across the world, and the Illuminati version says that big corporates behind the manufacture of this products work hand in hand with governments to keep people hooked so that they grow and maintain their businesses.


Earlier in March this year, it now seems the government was laying the groundwork for this when it classified nicotine pouches as tobacco products that are under the tobacco control law.


The move would place on the nicotine pouches similar marketing restrictions that are imposed on cigarettes and other tobacco products by the Tobacco Control Act, which include promotions and advertising, usage in public areas and use by minors.


Last year, Mr Mutahi Kagwe accused the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of flouting tobacco control laws when it licensed the sale of the pouches, and subsequently demanded the regulator provide the ministry with a comprehensive report on the criteria used and circumstances leading to the registration and licensing of the product.


The Health ministry subsequently declared them illegal.
“What we were in opposition of is the terms they were operating under. We want to classify it appropriately as a tobacco product,” Mr Kagwe said.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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