3 killed on the spot in early morning highway accident

Three people were today killed in a deadly highway accident, after a Boda Boda they were ridding on was involved in a head-on collision with an oncoming bus earlier in the morning.

The three, a Boda Boda rider and his two pillion passengers died on the spot along Garissa- Nairobi highway just two kilometers from the Garissa town at corner Punda.

According to the eye-witness, the Boda Boda rider was trying to overtake a Probox they were both heading with towards Garissa town but realized too late when the bus was too close while he tried to slow down.

“The rider who was speeding had just overtaken the Probox, he then tried to turn to his side but hit the car and was thrown into the bus lane hitting it head-on,” said the witness who requested anonymity

Confirming the incident, area police also reiterated the eye-witness statement of account, while blaming the rider for being careless while overspeeding endangering the lives of his passengers.

“Although the bus was over speeding, had the bodaboda rider slowed down and allowed the Probox to overtake the bus, this accident could not have happened,” said the officer.

The 10 AM accident attracted hundreds of curious onlookers from Garissa town and the neighboring Mororo, which resulted in heavy traffic snarl-up along the highway, with police having a hectic time controlling the angry mob.

The owner of the Probox sped the scene of the accident and the owner of the vehicle had not yet been established.

The uncontrollable mob and the area Boda Boda riders at one point threatened to torch the Nairobi bound bus christened Ambasa.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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