3 CASs that Kenyans are going to miss dearly

Whether the post of Chief Administrative Secretary is legal or not, one thing is certain, it has given birth to pretty interesting persons that Kenyans have loved to hate, and in some cases, have simply loved.


Of course CASs such as Ababu Namwamba and Shebesh are old hands at the game, and even if the post is scrapped, we can expect to see them again soon in a different capacity.


However, there’s a category of young CASs who have made quite an impact since their appointment.
Top on the list is without a doubt, Health CAS Dr. Mercy Mwangangi.


Unfortunately, she rose to national prominence in a heinous atmosphere. With the entry of the deadly Corona virus into the country, she graced our TV screens everyday to give us grim reports of the devastating pandemic.


The lovely and reassuring looks were definitely the saving grace of the heartbreaking updates. Memorably, during the lowest moment of the health ministry, when it was grappling with the KEMSA millionaire scandal, she tactfully avoided making any reckless statements that would only anger Kenyans more.


Nadia Abdalla was appointed to the cabinet in January last year as ICT CAS, and immediately, the country took note. Not only was she the youngest CAS at 29, but was also quite easy on the eye.


She may have been new to Kenyans but back in her home county of Mombasa she had already gained considerable fame as the County’s Chief Tourism Officer.


She recently caused a stir when she clapped back at all the haters referring to her as a slay queen.


Sports CAS Zack Kinuthia, who was appointed at the same time with Nadia, is one appointee that landed on the scene with a bang.


Prior to his appointment, he was well known among bloggers as a very active Kieleweke operative who was a constant critic of the DP.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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