Duale-Murkomen War Is A Supremacy Battle Between Uhuru And Ruto

Aden Duale and Kipchumba Murkomen.

Uhuru and Ruto Jubilee wars are getting murkier each day. After successfully slowing down Tanga Tanga’s public activities,  President Uhuru Kenyatta has opened another war front, this time in the two houses of parliament, both the National Assembly and the Senate. He has moved to reclaim authority and assert control so as to have an upper hand on policy and legislation.

This war has put unlikely political friends on opposite sides and it is getting murkier. Jubilee’s Majority leaders in both the Senate and National assembly have publicly clashed over their roles, as one side is accusing the other of overlooking it. It is in public domain Majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale and his Senate counterpart Kipchumba Murkomen have been fierce defenders of Jubilee and most recently strong supporters of Ruto presidency. However, this may change in coming days as it now seems like Duale has switched camp and is now acting under the President’s instructions.

The Duale-Murkomen tussle started brewing during the signing of Health Law (Amendment Bill 2018) on Tuesday 14th by the president after days of being away from the public eye. Both Duale and Murkomen were present at State House during signing ceremony. Even though the two appeared like there were no underlying issues between them, Senator Murkomen had a bone to chew with Aden Duale. He felt that Duale had invited him for the signing of a wrong bill.

“I was invited to State House to witness the President sign into law” The Assumption of the office of County Governor Bill. This Bill originated from the Senate. I discovered at State House that Hon Aden Duale was also invited on behalf of NA having passed some Health laws (Amendment) Bill,” said Murkomen on his Twitter handle.

”Just before the signing ceremony I overheard that there were health laws to be signed. I protested to Hon Aden Duale, Solicitor Gen. &other State House staff for presenting Health laws for signature against the Constitution. I told them they had the duty to give proper counsel to the HE,” he added.

Duale could not take Murkomen’s attacks lying down and fired back, saying Senator Murkomen was ”crying like a kid.”

“Why go to State House to take a photo with the President while signing a bill and then come back crying like a small kid?”

In a rejoinder, Murkomen dismissed Duale’s utterances as childish personal attacks that those in leadership like him cannot engage in.

This latest spat between Jubilee leadership in parliament is a pointer to how the Uhuru-Ruto wars have spilled over to parliament. By having the National Assembly Majority leader on his side, President Uhuru Kenyatta is making sure all legislation concerning the Big 4 agenda are effectively passed in Parliament.


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