DPP Hits Former Finance CS Rotich and Co Dam Thieves with 500K Pages of Evidence

The DPP is not joking or taking chances over the Kimwarer and Arror dams scandal case.

Director Noordin Haji and his team have unleashed over half a million-page documents as exhibits and evidence they intend to use in the case where former Finance CS Henry Rotich and PSs Kamau Thugge and Susan Koech alongside 25 others have been charged with abuse of office in relation to the Sh22 billion dams scandals.

They are also accused of conspiracy to defraud the government, failing to comply with procurement law and irregular procurement of insurance policy through single sourcing.

Speaking in court yesterday Special Prosecutor Taib Ali Taib said that they had supplied all the accused with evidence in soft copies using DVDs.

Fired Treasury CS Rotich and his PS Thugge

However, the defence strongly opposed the move by the prosecution arguing that they cannot go through 500,000-page documents in soft copy rather they should be printed.

Rotich’s lawyer Kioko Kilukumi told the court that they will not contribute funds towards the retrieving and photocopying of the documents.

Kilukumi said that they will not help the prosecution to do their case adding that according to the law the DPP should furnish them with all the relevant documents at their own cost. 

“Your honour we don’t have money to print out the hard copies that are over half a million pages which will run into millions, let the prosecution give us the hard copies,” he said. 

Lawyer Phillip Murgor representing Thugge also opposed the bid by the prosecution to supply them with soft copies.

Murgor faulted the DPP for ambushing them with the soft copies of hundreds of thousands of documents that they expect them to go through. 

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